Claudio Ranieri lookalike has bedded 26 women thanks to Leicester’s success [Sunday Sport]

Sunday Sport stupidity

For anyone who doesn’t know, the Sunday Sport isn’t a paper of any repute whatsoever.

It’s not even a newspaper, but more of an outlet to see women without clothes on and to ready ridiculous stories which may, or may not, be true.

In this weekend’s edition, a hilarious tale about a Claudio Ranieri lookalike has gone viral.

It’s been an amazing 2015-16 season, as Leicester city have won the most unlikely of Premier League titles ever.

5000-1 at the start of the season, nobody thought that Leicester could achieve the EPL crown, but they defied everyone to do just that.

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The Scottish Claudio Ranieri

In the aftermath of Leicester’s success, a Ranieri lookalike claims to have bedded 26 women.

According to the story, Alan Ashcroft, an “unemployed Glasgow electrician” is managing to cash in on his likeness for the Foxes’ Italian boss.

Really? These women can’t distinguish between Scottish an dItalian accent?!

See a copy of the ridiculous story below.

Claudio Ranieri lookalike Leicester EPL