Claudio Bravo’s mother-in-law tears into ‘drunk’ Arturo Vidal

‘Drunk’ Arturo Vidal

The fallout from Chile’s failure to qualify for the World Cup has been bad press for one player in particular: Arturo Vidal. It appears as though a drinking culture was holding the team back and Vidal was one of the biggest culprits.

Claudio Bravo’s wife Carla Prado questioned the professionalism of the squad, accusing them of showing up to training drunk. This led to training sessions being cancelled. Now her mother has backed up those claims.

Pilar Lizana told Canal 13 that Arturo Vidal is well-known for his drinking: “The whole world knows Vidal arrives drunk. I have a nephew who works at the Monticello casino who told me who told me that there had been a fight there. He said that Vidal had left at 7am and paid the casino to erase the security cameras.”

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Vidal lost his driver’s licence two years ago after crashing his car while drunk driving.

Jorge Sampaoli comments

This has led to the resurfacing of comments made by former Chile boss Jorge Sampaoli in 2015.

Speaking in the aftermath of a Copa America triumph on home soil, Sampaoli revealed the complications caused by Vidal. A man was fired because they had to keep his drinking habit under wraps.

“When we were coming back on the plane from Lima, he asked me if he could open a beer he had bought at the airport.

“I told him no, that there would be directors and others on the plane. He ended up getting a bottle of whisky with some others anyway and I ended up having to fire the driver, even though I knew that it was Vidal’s fault.”

Ancelotti book quote

This revelation has led to further digging and a quote from Carlo Ancelotti’s book ‘Quiet Leadership: Winning Hearts, Minds and Matches’. It is suspected that the Italian is referencing Vidal in this anecdote: “Sometimes, when we have a choice between players for the same position, I have an important role to play in choosing the one we should go for.

“At Real Madrid, when it was between Toni Kroos and another player, I told the general director, ‘I know this other player. He drinks a lot and he is not very professional. You have to go for Kroos.’ I got Kroos.”