Chelsea warned about Man United’s Alexis ‘ketchup’ Sanchez

Chelsea vs Man United

After Chelsea take on Man United on Monday night, the FA Cup quarterfinal line-up will be completed.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s unbeaten run at Old Trafford was ended by PSG last midweek in the Champions League.

As for Chelsea, Man City hammered six past the Blues last weekend in the Premier League.

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Alexis ‘ketchup’ Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez is likely to start for Man United at Chelsea tonight.

That’s after Man United’s Anthony Martial and Jesse Lingard both picked up injuries in the loss to PSG.

Both Martial and Lingard could be sidelined for a couple of weeks with their respective knocks.

In general Alexis Sanchez has struggled to impress since swapping Arsenal for Old Trafford last January.

This season the South American has only scored twice in the Premier League.

That’s a disappointing return for the Premier League’s best paid player.

Yet before Chelsea, Solskjaer has warned the Blues that Sanchez is like ketchup:

It’s like that bottle of ketchup when it [the sauce] never comes out. But when it suddenly comes, there’s loads.

Does the ketchup analogy stack up?

Writing in the Times on Monday, Paul Hirst has taken the Alexis Sanchez, ketchup analogy to the nth degree:

There has not been even so much as a steady trickle of goals from the ketchup bottle that is Sánchez since he arrived to great fanfare on January 22 last year.

In fact, it has been more of a case of a couple of drips here and there, followed by a blockage that has lasted for several months.

For those are wondering, you could buy 13,517,241 bottles of Heinz tomato ketchup for that amount of money.

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