Chelsea star Gary Cahill explains what keeps the club motivated in the title race


Gary Cahill has spoken about Chelsea’s title run in, and why the club are so desperate to win the league, claiming that their experience last time round is vital in staying cool under the pressure Tottenham Hotspur put them under.

He added that a fear of losing  the title is driving the players, who would be gutted if they let it slip at this point in the season, when everything points towards them winning a second title in three seasons.

Cahill said: “It was probably more comfortable last time but the run-in is always the same, there is always a stage in the season when it’s going to be tight, when teams are putting pressure on and you’re having to win.

“That’s helped us this time, having the experience of that. We’re in a great position now and if we were to throw it away we’d be devastated.”

Huge night

As Cahill has made clear, the Blues have been here and done it – and know that they need to get all three points against West Brom to secure the title.

Their experience is vital, and there is another final to come for them – the FA Cup final against London rivals Arsenal, which is something they want to win as well.

A double in his first season would be huge for Antonio Conte, and certainly show the fans that he is the right man to lead them in the post Jose Mourinho era.