Chelsea refuse to sell their history, Spurs to sell out to highest bidder

Name rights: Chelsea v Spurs

The Times on Wednesday have an eye-opening article looking at the different approaches be taken by Chelsea and Tottenham with regard to future naming rights.

Both the Blues and Lillywhites are planning for the future, as both Premier League clubs are well on the way to building brand new stadiums.

When each of the projects are complete, the London rivals are both seeking to sell naming rights to their new grounds in order to swell the club coffers.

But, according to the Times, while Chelsea are determined that some of their history isn’t for sale, Tottenham have taken a different stance.

White Hart Lane v Stamford Bridge

The Times believe that Spurs will ultimately end up playing in a brand new named ground, while Chelsea won’t:

Tottenham Hotspur are planning to drop the name White Hart Lane while Chelsea hope to retain the name Stamford Bridge in some form as the London rivals battle to secure naming rights for their new stadiums.

It’s further reported that Spurs intend to raise ยฃ400 million for selling naming rights. It’s unclear how much Chelsea hope to earn from any deal for their naming rights.

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