Chelsea & Man United fans think Brexit ends all hope of signing Paul Pogba [Tweets]

Paul Pogba & the Premier League

The decision of Britain to leave the EU is sure to have an enormous, long lasting impact.

However in the early aftermath of the results of the referendum, some football fans are grappling with the results with respect of what’s the impact on football in England.

Following the Brexit announcement, Sterling nosedived instantly. The value of the pound against the dollar and euro fell sharply.

After weeks of hearing about Paul Pogba’s possible move to either the likes of Chelsea or Man United, fans of those clubs don’t believe the Frenchman will now arrive in the EPL.

Pogba’s price just went up

Going on the rumour mill, Pogba would have cost the likes of Man United or Chelsea around £113.4 million before the Brexit decision.

After the result, and the impact on currency, Pogba’s price has now swelled to £144 million. That’s a rise of over £30 million overnight.

Tweets on Paul Pogba are below.