Alvaro Morata

Chelsea land Alvaro Morata and everyone makes the same Man United joke

Morata is a Blue

Alvaro Morata is set to join Chelsea this summer, after the Blues agreed a fee with Real Madrid, meaning they finally have a marquee signing of the summer, and can send Diego Costa back to where he came from without worrying about goals they might be missing.

That’s one thing, but the other rolling saga involving Chelsea this summer has of course been the loss of Romelu Lukaku, who ended up at Manchester United when Jose Mourinho got agent Paul Pogba to convince Lukaku he’d be better off in Manchester, and not west London.

Then many United fans claimed they were happier with Lukaku, they didn’t want Morata – while Chelsea fans did the reverse, mocked Lukaku’s first touch and pined for Morata, who they hoped would come. 

Now he is, and the jokes on social media are exactly what you might expect, with United mocking Chelsea, Chelsea mocking United, and the neutrals mocking both of them.

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