Chelsea ban fan for life for racially abusing Man City’s Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling

Chelsea ban fan for Raheem Sterling racism

It’s taken more than six months, but Chelsea have now acted.

Chelsea have confirmed that one fan has been banned for life for racially abusing Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling.

In a long statement on their website, Chelsea revealed how they reached their decision regarding the racist abuse:

In reaching its decision, the Club took into account the denial made by the individual as well as a range of other evidence, including video evidence and evidence from two lip reading experts – both of whom advised that the individual had used words that are racially abusive.

Chelsea fan vs Man City’s Sterling

Last season, when Chelsea hosted Man City in the league, Sterling was targeted in a racist verbal attack.

As the England star collected the ball from the sidelines, one Chelsea fan was filmed calling Sterling a “black c***”.

It’s worth noting that some Chelsea fans claimed the fan only said “Manc c***”

Chelsea addressed that issue in their statement, saying:

We understand that this incident has been the subject of discussion amongst supporters, and the Club appreciates that emotions can run high during matches. However, in this case the behaviour of all six individuals crossed the line of what is acceptable.

Furthermore, in the case of the supporter who was found by the Club to have used racially abusive language, there is no place for this behaviour at Stamford Bridge and a permanent exclusion was the appropriate sanction.

Six fans punished in total

In total, Chelsea have taken action against six fans:

Chelsea Football Club has issued sanctions against six people regarding their behaviour during our match against Manchester City at Stamford Bridge on 8 December 2018.

Regarding the other five Chelsea fans, they have been hit with banning orders ranging from one to two years.

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