Carlos Tevez doesn’t mince words about the quality of Chinese football

Overweight and overpaid

Carlos Tevez’s Chinese adventure has taken a rather predictable turn. The Argentine striker with a history of disciplinary problems hasn’t given his all since his high-profile move to Shanghai Shenhua.

One imagines that the moment he slacked off wasn’t long after penning a £650,000-a-week contract. That means that he’s been paid more than £23 million since moving to China in January. Two goals in 12 games followed.

It goes without saying that this wasn’t the return Shenhua were hoping for.

The club’s chairman Wu Xiaohui told Shanghai TV: “Our intention was to bring in an influential star player with high quality, and we all think Tevez could fit the bill. However, due to a lack of winter training and match fitness, he didn’t meet our expectations.” Tevez didn’t appreciate these comments and hit back with venom.

Tevez blasts Chinese football

Speaking to French football outlet SFR Sport, Tevez unleashed a tirade about the state of Chinese football.

He said: “Chinese players are not as naturally skilled like South American or European players. Like players who learned football when they were kids. They’re not good. Even in 50 years, they still won’t be able to compete.”

These are harsh words from Tevez that might also be true. However, it’s not shocking to hear that Chinese football doesn’t match standards at the highest level. What’s shocking to hear is Tevez’s outburst.

He’s being paid a scandalous amount of money and can’t be professional enough to maintain discipline and fitness. Instead of honoring their agreement, he responds to criticism like a petulant child acting defensively.

Chinese football isn’t at the standard of European football but Carlos Tevez is in no position to criticise.