Can Barcelona pull off another Historic Remontada against Juventus?

Barcelona lose 3-0 to Juve

Barcelona crashed to a 3-0 defeat at Juventus Stadium tonight, as the Old Lady appeared to put one foot in the Champions League semi-final.

A brilliant brace from Paulo Dybala and a header from Chiellini took Juve to the huge win over the Catalans, who badly under-performed on the night.

Barcelona were favourites coming into the game, but they’re now really up against it to make the semis.

Another Remontada?

But….if they did it once, surely they can do it twice?

Barca of course pulled off arguably the greatest comeback of all time when they beat PSG 6-1 last month, having lost the first leg 4-0.

Having lost the first leg 4-0 in Paris, Barca faced the mammoth task of trying to reverse the tie in the 2nd leg by scoring at least 4 goals to take it into extra-time – while simultaneously ensuring PSG didn’t score.

Barca seemed to have done the hard part, scoring 3 goals, only for PSG to apparently put the tie to bed when Cavani scored – meaning Barcelona would need to score 6.

Yet somehow, the Catalans managed to do it, ultimately winning 6-1 after an epic finale.

So, Barcelona made history by recording the greatest ever comeback….and PSG completed the worst ever bottling exercise.

On this occasion, they’ll ‘only’ have to score three goals to achieve the comeback, although Juve are a much stronger side than PSG, and surely won’t bottle it like PSG did.

Can they do it? Barcelona fans are already praying for another remontada.