‘Breakdown’ between Gerard Pique & Sergio Ramos

Problems in the Spanish camp

The political situation in Spain concerning the Catalan referendum appears to have spilled over into the Spanish national team.

That’s according to reports from Spain on Tuesday.

The front pages of the main papers all carried stories concerning Barcelona’s Gerard Pique on their splashes.

Marca, for example, lead with the headline “Untenable Situation” as the “tension between Spanish fans and Pique reaches a new level”.

On Monday, Pique was jeered and booed at an open training session.

That’s after the Barcelona defender was vocal about the Catalan referendum. Pique spoke about about the police aggression over the weekend.

Gerard Pique v Sergio Ramos

Pique’s problems could now be set to worsen.

That’s after reports claim that Barcelona defender has fallen out with his Real Madrid international team mate Sergio Ramos.

Ramos has already spoken out about Pique’s actions over the weekend. The Madrid star said:

Pique’s tweet was not the best thing to do if he doesn’t want to be booed.

Everyone is free to say what they think, although as a captain I’m always concerned about the atmosphere in the team and Pique knew what he was doing. Maybe it wasn’t the right time to do that and it doesn’t help a lot.

According to AS, relations between the 30-year-old and Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos are “definitely broken”. Indeed, it’s claim the situation is irreparable.

As for Marca, they’ve reported that “Pique knows that it is a difficult situation and that he will be up against it from now until the clash with Albania next Friday in Alicante.”

Many are now wondering if Pique will quit from Spanish international duty.