Luis Garcia v Chelsea

Bizzare reason why Luis Garcia needed a psychologist at Liverpool

To block out Carragher

Former Liverpool star Luis Garcia has revealed that he needed a psychologist at the club to help block out defender Jamie Carragher!

The Spaniard revealed to the Liverpool Echo that he just couldn’t take the advice on board when it was being yelled at him.

Garcia was a fan favourite in Liverpool and is also known for his goal against Chelsea in the semi-final of the 2005 Champions League triumph.

The player also played in the final but he only got there but visiting a psychologist who would help drown out Carragher’s yelling!

Jamie Carragher was known for his leadership on the pitch but it wasn’t without his vociferously loud instructions.

Safe to say, he got his point across but Garcia wasn’t exactly fond of it!

“Carra would give me a lot of instruction out on the pitch,” he explained.

“I used to mutter ‘f**k off’ under my breath when he yelled at me!”

“Actually, I had to work with a sports psychologist to help me focus while I was at Liverpool and one of the things we worked on was trying to block out Carragher’s voice!

“I’d still listen to him, but soon I didn’t get as distracted by it.”

Carra responds

While the comments are seemingly quite damming, Carragher took to twitter to explain what the type of things he said were.

Safe to say, they were not for the younger audience and certainly not for use on air!

Luis Garcia fires back

While Carra looked to pain a picture of him in the right, Garcia was quick to aim light-hearted shots back at the Spaniard.

The former Anfield star explained that Carragher lost just as many balls as he had, so it wasn’t all that bad!