Barcelona goal ruled out v Betis

Biased against Barcelona? Real Madrid benefit from 21 dodgy La Liga calls this season

Sport stick up for Barcelona

It was another important weekend in the Spanish title race as Barcelona dropped two points in a 1-1 draw away at Real Betis, while Real Madrid increased their lead at the top to four points following a 3-0 home win over Real Sociedad.

But have Barcelona been dealt with fairly this season?

Spanish paper Sport, who are based in Barcelona, have sought to insert doubt that the league is being handed on a plate to Los Blancos by listing 32 controversial calls which have gone in Real’s favour this season across all competitions.

When focused just on the Spanish league, Real Madrid have been awarded 21 controversial decisions.

Real Madrid benefit from 21 controversial calls in La Liga

A list of all the questionable La Liga decisions which have gone against Barca are below.

Matchday 1. Real Sociedad-Real Madrid. Final Score: 0-3

Penalty not given against Dani Carvajal with Madrid leading 0-1.

Matchday 2. Real Madrid-Celta Vigo. Final Score: 2-1

Alvaro Morata scored an offside goal to put Real 1-up.

Matchday 3. Real Madrid-Osasuna. Final Score: 5-2

Cristiano Ronaldo scored an offside goal to open the scoring.

Alvaro Morata was offside as Luka Modric made it 5-0.

Osasuna have a legal goal incorrectly ruled out at 5-1.

Matchday 4. Espanyol-Real Madrid. Final Score: 0-2

Sergio Ramos escapes clear red card at 0-0.

Pepe gets away with giving away a penalty at 0-1.

Penalty not given against Sergio Ramos at 0-1

Matchday 5. Real Madrid-Villarreal. Final Score: 1-1

Sergio Ramos foul before equaliser.

Matchday 10. Alavas-Real Madrid. Final Score: 1-4

Cristiano Ronaldo equalises with a penalty that shouldn’t have been given.

Matchday 12. Atletico-Real Madrid. Final Score: 0-3

Once more Cristiano Ronaldo scored from the spot. Penalty shouldn’t have been given.

Matchday 13. Real Madrid-Sporting Gijon. Final Score: 2-1

Real Madrid youngster Lucas Vazquez dived to win a penalty to make it 1-0.

Matchday 14. FC Barcelona-Real Madrid. Final Score: 1-1

Dani Carvajal handled the ball after a Jordi Alba cross, penalty not given.

Sergio Ramos foul opponent before scoring the equaliser.

Matchday 15. Real Madrid-Deportivo. Final Score: 3-2

Sergio Ramos once again escaped a red card he before scored.

Matchday 17. Real Madrid-Granada. Final Score: 5-0

Foul by Isco at 1-0.

Benzema offside at 2-0.

Granada goal incorrectly ruled out.

Matchday 18. Sevilla-Real Madrid. Final Score: 2-1

Dani Carvajal wins a penalty which should never have been given for 0-1.

Cristiano Ronaldo escapes a red card.

Matchday 19. Real Madrid-Malaga. Final Score: 2-1

Sergio Ramos scores an offside goal to make it 2-0.