Leon Bailey v Atif Tanriseven

Bayer’s Leon Bailey trolls boxer Atif Tanriseven on SnapChat, tables turn on Facebook Live

Leon Bailey v Atif Tanriseven

Fight! Fight! Fight!

The worlds of boxing, football, SnapChat and Facebook Live all collided in Germany on Monday in a crazy set of events.

Things kicked off when Bayer Leverkusen’s 19-year-old Belgium star Leon Bailey trolled boxer Atif Tanriseven on SnapChat.

Unprovoked, Bailey filmed the boxer going through his paces in a gym while the teenager called Atif Tanriseven a “clown” during his sly filming.

It clearly didn’t take long for Tanriseven to learn about the existence of Bailey’s video.

Cue the fightback on Facebook

After learning about how he was trolled by the footballer, Tanriseven used Facebook Live as his social media platform of choice as he retaliated.

The boxer tracked down Bailly at a restaurant, where he confronted him about his SnapChat video.

Tanriseven went on the offensive, telling the Bayer Leverkusen star:

If you start again, I’ll break your face. You’re an athlete and you have to respect others. You do not know anything about boxing.

Tanriseven also demanded Bailly remove his original SnapChat video and post an apology.

Watch the mad Facebook Live video below.