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Bayern’s stand in keeper makes crazy mistake and nobody can believe it

Goalkeeper blunder

It’s not been a great night for Bayern Munich’s stand-in goalkeeper who was one of the main reasons for their draw against Wolfsburg this evening.

Sven Ulreich was trusted in goal this evening after Manuel Neuer broke his foot in an incredible blow for the German giants this week.

Neuer is likely to spend a good while on the sidelines which would be a huge blow for any side but it may hurt Bayern more than first thought.

In fact, it may hurt the side until the end of the year as that is when it is speculated Neuer will return to the side.

That is due to Sven Ulreich who joined the club this summer to be back up to Neuer and to hopefully succeed him when the time comes.

Though, that will certainly worry Bayern Munich fans now that they have seen what he is capable of, in the form of a howler against Wolfsburg.

Bayern went 2-0 up in their Bundesliga tie and looked well and truly in control.

That was until Ulreich attempted to punch a free-kick and he actually punched the ball into the back of his own net much to the amusement of social media.

In fact, football fans, in general, could not believe the blunder which soon became big news on Friday evening.

Social media reacts

Safe to say, when there is a massive blunder in football there is no way you can escape it.

That will certainly be true for Sven Ulreich this evening as the blunder from the Wolfsburg free-kick is shown over and over on social media.

We have also rounded up some of the best tweets relating to the blunder!

We’re sorry, Sven.