Bayern’s Uli Hoeness rips Mesut Ozil apart after his German retirement

Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil’s German international career is over

Is this good news for Arsenal?

In a series of social media updates on Sunday, Mesut Ozil confirmed that he’ll never play for the German national team.

Ozil has been heavily criticised in Germany over the summer following a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Ozil has claimed he has been the victim of “racism and disrespect”.


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Bayern’s Uli Hoeness rips into Mesut Ozil

Sadly for Ozil, he is continuing to be attacked on Monday morning.

Bayern Munich’s president Uli Hoeness has savaged the Arsenal star for quitting the national team.

Germany’s Sport1 and SportBild have collectively reported on Hoeness’s criticism of Ozil:

That is great for the German national team for competitive reasons. In my view, Özil has been a player MIA for years. He’s [resigning] on the pretence of his allegedly poor treatment by the DFB, but he should ask himself when the last time he won a one-on-one was. It’s been years.

For the new beginning, it’s super that he’s now finally quitting. Already at the World Cup 2014, he was no more than a fellow traveler and not far from being cut. The others [on the team] pulled him through the final. Now he’s hidden himself nicely behind the Erdogan story. He’s played like crap for years and now Grindel or Bierhoff are supposed to be to blame.

I’m glad the fuss is over. He’s played like crap for years. The last one-on-one he won was before the World Cup 2014. And now he’s hiding himself and his shit performance behind this photo.

Always when we played against Arsenal we played over him, because we knew that is their weak point.

His 35 million fanboys — who of course don’t exist in the real world — get worked up that Ozil has played amazingly when he successfully makes a cross to his target.

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