Barcelona v PSG: Footage of Paulinho injuring Neymar emerges (Video)

‘Paulinho takes out Neymar’

A rumour broke out on social media on Tueday from the Brazilian national team training camp.

The story was pushed by Barcelona fans on social media that new boy Paulinho had ‘taken out’ Neymar’ at training.

According to the rumours, Neymar was forced to leave the session early after the injury.

PSG v Barcelona

Neymar became a divisive figure in the summer when he left Spanish giants Barcelona for PSG.

The South American smashed the world transfer record in the process, as PSG paid 222 million euros for his services.

In the aftermath of football’s ‘transfer of the century’, it’s clear that Barcelona remain shell-shocked by the deal.

At the start of the summer, no one at the Camp Nou even considered Neymar would walk out of the club. But then it happened.

Barcelona and their fans remain burnt by the whole Neymar saga.

Footage from Brazil training

Now footage of the incident has come out.

What’s clear is that Paulinho did in fact trip up Neymar at training, although claims Neymar was sidelined by the injury seem false.

The incident happened during a training match. Barcelona’s Paulinho tried to halt Neymar with a tackle from the side/behind, while the PSG star ended up being felled to the floor.

Neymar did end up inspecting his foot, but only after the game ended and training came to a close.

Watch what happened between Paulinho and Neymar (3.06 minutes in) below.