Barcelona sensationally suggest Lionel Messi might leave for one reason

Wage issues

Lionel Messi is one of the best players in the world and is at one of the best clubs in the world, but that might not be the case for much longer.

That’s because of the wage bill Barcelona currently have, and the money Lionel Messi may ask for to stay. Of course, a reasonable person would advocate Barca selling half their squad and playing with no bench to keep Messi if need be, and this could well just be the usual big talk from clubs when new contracts are talked about.

This issue is that Barca are nearly at the 70% expenditure limit when it comes to wages, and with Messi rightly wanting to be the best paid player at the club, there could be some issues on the horizon.

Barca’s director, Oscar Grau said: “We want the best players but perhaps we have to prioritise.

“We have to make the numbers add up, One option is to increase our revenues, as our economic strategy forecasts.

“The club wants the best player in the world to stay at Barca. I would like to ease the concerns of club members and supporters but we have to use common sense.”

Worth the money

You’d have to say, whatever Messi wants, pay him it.

The contribution the player provides to the team, not to mention his sheer ability means he should probably be able to hold Barcelona to ransom in that respect – Ozil asking for £300,000 per week and going missing in big games is one thing, but someone who’s arguably the best we’ve ever seen asking for more money is another thing totally.

Add to that the fact Barcelona aren’t exactly going to find anyone better than Messi, and you’d have to say they should put their hands in their pockets.