Barcelona legend Leo Messi explains why he decided to dye his hair blonde

Leo Messi's hair before and after
Leo Messi’s hair before and after

Messi & Mingo

Currently away on international duty with Argentina, Leo Messi this weekend sat down for an interview with famous Argentine actor Mingo.

The 29-year-old Barcelona forward scored the winner for Argentina against Uruguay on his return to international football, having announced his retirement straight after this summer’s Copa America defeat to Chile.

Messi on his blonde hair

Mingo asked the legendary Barcelona star why he decided to dye his hair blonde this summer and a relaxed Leo Messi explained himself.

“I made a change to start from zero,” said Messi. “A lot had gone on, things had happened, and I said to myself: “I have to break this and start again,'”.

On the Copa America defeat, Messi said “It was how I felt in that moment. Everything came crashing down. I felt like that [final] was the one, given how the team was and how we’d played in the competition. It was a huge disappointment.”

The interview can be watched (in Spanish) below. H/T to Sport.