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Baby brain damage fear caused by Chelsea star’s family kickabout, threats of legal action

Sun accused Cesc Fabregas

The front page of the Sun on Wednesday will likely send chills down the spine of Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas.

It’s been a happy few weeks for Cesc after his partner, Daniella Semaan, gave birth to a son.

The Spanish international, however, today stands accused of putting a baby in hospital according to England’s leading tabloid.

The incident happened as a result of a kickabout in a park. Here’s how the Sun tell the story:

A baby was checked for brain ­damage after he was hit with a football from a kickabout involving Chelsea’s Cesc Fabregas and his family.

Mum Victoria Diethardt, 29, took Mark, six months, to hospital after the ball smashed his left temple.

She said Fabregas tried to leave the private London park, where ball games are banned, without giving his name.

Sun accused Cesc Fabregas

What else do we know?

The Sun – who fail to have any quotes or reaction from Fabregas – build up a case against the Chelsea star by further reporting that there was a sign in the park specifically banning ball games.

It’s also reported that Cesc was with Daniella Semaan at the time, while the incident happened last Sunday at Belgrave Square Gardens in West London.

Cue the lawsuit

So what do the Sun want from Cesc? Seems that it all revolves around money. The paper report:

The mum said she will sue the £156,000-a-week midfielder for the £540 medical bills already paid plus compensation for the stress suffered.