Arsene Wenger watches as Arsenal lose to Nottingham Forest

Arsene Wenger told it must be the end and to leave the club

The end

Arsene Wenger has been told it’s time for him to leave Arsenal and that he has nothing left to give the club or the fans after reaching yet another low point in his time there.

The assessment came from John Cross, who noted that the club and their manager seem to have reached the end of the road – and that low points keep being reached again and again by the players and their boss – not to mention the view of the fans, who have been calling for his head for years.

John Cross of the Mirror wrote: “Every time you think Arsene Wenger has reached his lowest point, this Arsenal team find a way to plumb new depths.

No leadership, no heart and no character. Their latest surrender was an embarrassment, a betrayal of Arsenal’s traditions and Wenger’s legacy.

Arsenal are falling apart, Wenger’s departure cannot come soon enough and yet the body language of some of the players absolutely stinks as they do not seem ready to fight for their beleaguered manager let alone the shirt.

This must be the end. Wenger has lost the fans, the players and the club has lost its direction as the team is just drifting with too many show ponies and not enough thoroughbreds.

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But the truth is that it has gone beyond that now. Wenger has lost his way, lost his grip and his only salvation is that in any other year Arsenal would be languishing in mid-table. The fact Arsenal are still in sixth proves the rest of the Premier League is pretty average.

Arsenal have run out of ideas, energy and life under Wenger. They are now just delaying the inevitable by waiting until the end of the season because this campaign is lurching from one disaster to another.”


There is of course one route of salvation for Wenger this season – if his side do manage to pull off the shock of the year and win the Europa League, getting back in the Champions League, there will have been a huge upturn in his fortunes and people may even find it hard to see him sacked.

The club of course won the FA Cup last season, and with sixth looking like their fate in the Premier League and a poor defeat in the League Cup to Manchester City, there is no redeeming the club – unless they manage to beat AC Milan and then go on through the competition that has Atletico Madrid and BVB both looking to win it as well.


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