Arsene Wenger wins the FA Cup. Again!

Arsene Wenger speaks about possibility of signing Riyad Mahrez

Players can come in

Arsene Wenger has opened up about Arsenal’s activity in the transfer market this summer, and claimed that it will be the most difficult time for the club.

He pointed to the sheer spending other sides have done, and made it clear that while Arsenal are looking for players to come in, they already have a large squad, and Wenger is only willing to work with a certain number of players, so the targets they have been linked with so heavily this summer may not be coming in after all.

The club of course have the issue of Alexis Sanchez, and quite if he will remain at the club as well, and despite once again having a strong pre-season, Wenger is not getting carried away.

The Mirror report he said: “We are still open.

“But of course at the moment I have currently 33 players and it is very difficult to manage on a daily basis such a high number.

“I rate Mahrez as a player but we have similar types with Alex Iwobi, Jack Wilshere back, Mesut Ozil … we have plenty of the same type of players.”


Difficult season

The Guardian claim Arsene Wenger said this would be his hardest season yet after the amount of money rival sides have spent – and the fact that they will probably be spending more before the transfer window will close to boot this summer.

“Look at what City have done. They have been quite spectacular in the transfer market, Manchester United as well.

And it’s not finished – Chelsea have bought [Álvaro] Morata and have not lost [Diego] Costa yet, and they will certainly buy more.

In the middle of the transfer market it’s difficult to predict. At the moment the most active have been United, City and Liverpool a bit.”