The true transformation, for the last ten years or so, in England and elsewhere, it is the fact that the majority of owners are now foreigners.

Sometimes billionaires, sometimes governments, states that have the financial power to make the decision to buy a Neymar for over €200m. 

Staying on Neymar, Wenger added his thoughts on the difficulty of having a dressing room in which one player earns €30 million a year while his team mates are on €5 million a year.

The Arsenal boss believes “football has become more a matter of individuality, just like our society which puts more emphasis on star status, individual success, less on what makes a team a team.”

Wenger on Tottenham

Tottenham, of course, finished above Arsenal last season.

Arsene Wenger was full of praise for Tottenham in his interview with France Football. He said:

Tottenham have had a great season. They are a young team that’s going up. But it remains very difficult to strengthen this kind of team. 

You are asked to buy players. But who? In the current market, you will spend €50m for what I call a “normal” player… It gets completely crazy.

Feeling lonely & his successor

Wenger recently agreed a new two year deal to stay at Arsenal.

Yet, the Gunners boss admits he can feel lonely in the Gunners dugout, while he also discussed how defeats affect him. Wenger said:

When you stay for a long time in a club you carry an incredible feeling of guilt in you when you lose a big game.

It becomes harder because you know how much people will be affected, will live a horrible weekend, maybe weep.

There are times when a manager feels very alone.

And who could replace Wenger at Arsenal in the future?

Gooners will probably not be surprised to learn that Wenger has given this issue little thought.

The Arsenal boss told the following story to explain his position:

If I were to choose your successor, who would it be? (He laughs)

I’ll tell you a story. A manager goes to a doctor and asks him: ‘How do I live longer?’ The doctor replied: ‘Leave your coaching job right away. Do not drink more. Stop smoking.’

The manager insists: ‘You guarantee me that I will live longer if I do that?’

‘No, not at all,’ said the doctor. ‘But you’ll feel like you’re living a lot longer’.

Since I heard this story, I decided not to change jobs!