Arsene Wenger celebrates v Manchester City

Arsene Wenger fesses up to his ‘mistake’ last season

Arsene Wenger isn’t perfect

Will 2017-18 be better than the last campaign for Arsenal?

Right now many Gooners are holding their breathe.

On the positive side of things, Arsene Wenger has opened up the club’s cheque book this summer to bring in Alexandre Lacazette from Lyon. He’s become Arsenal’s new record signing.

But it’s beginning to seem inevitable that Alexis Sanchez is heading out the Emirates Stadium exit door. In the latest updates, Sanchez’s agent has reportedly offered his client to Real Madrid.

As fans withhold predictions waiting to see how the transfer window plays out, Wenger has admitted a “mistake” he made in 2016-17.

Commitment issues

Speaking on Arsenal’s official website, the Gunners boss has revealed errors in his handling of his contract talks last season.

Wenger ultimately signed a two-year extension, however all the confusion in the build up to the announcement negatively impacted the club. Looking forward to the upcoming season, Wenger said:

For me it will be a change because it was a bit eternal, a repetition of the press conferences about that (his contract).

Maybe I made a mistake and allowed that to happen because I didn’t commit early enough.

I think at some stage I did not think it would be a handicap for my commitment and it was not. But it was a bit of a handicap because it created a climate of insecurity and a lack of clarity about my person that maybe did not help at some stage.

Arsenal will start their season on August 11 against Leicester, and the Foxes have already been hit with some bad injury news.