Arsene Wenger explains what Tottenham Hotspur need to do to win a trophy

Let go

Arsene Wenger has offered some advice to Tottenham Hotspur, and claimed that the club need to get over their mental issues in order to finally get a trophy under Mauricio Pochettino.

Spurs have become the side who seem to put the pressure on and are there or there abouts, but have struggled to convert that into silverware, and while Arsenal are not what they once were, it seems that Wenger still has some advice for his rivals.

The Evening Standard report he said: “By keeping your nerves and getting the players to focus on what is important.

“At some stages, by fighting a little bit against your inhibitions – the fear that you won’t get over the line. Basically, you need to focus on what is important and not focus on the trophy too much.”


Three points

Arsene Wenger also spoke about the rivalry with Spurs, who of course they play this weekend, and it seems that the majority of his thoughts are about pretty much everything bar their neighbours.

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The Gunners boss mentioned the stadium and how Arsenal had to pay that back, and the concerns over money certainly took precedent over worrying about who was better.

Wenger was asked about the rivalry with Spurs, and said: “I was always more focused on finishing in the Champions League.

” When we had less resources financially I knew that we needed the money to pay the stadium back, so I was more focused on that than on Tottenham. I was never too focused on Tottenham.

“Today, people always take one situation and it is permanent. The judgement is definite, permanent and forever.

“It is down to us to change the opinions of people with our performances, I cannot say much more. If they have a perception like that they have a perception like that but how can you respond? Not by me talking here, we need to show on Saturday that it’s not true.”