Arsene Wenger claims he’s not making an example of Alexis after transfer request

No example

Arsene Wenger has claimed he’s not making an example of Alexis Sanchez by dropping the player to the bench at times, and thinks that the most important thing is that the player gets fully fit and sharp enough to play 90 minutes at the highest level.

He also said Alexis isn’t distracted or pondering what could have been, and that the injury affected him more than the failed Manchester City move.

The Guardian report he said: “Alexis is not distracted, not at all – I think that is coming to very quick conclusions.

“He has been out and injured. I thought he was still a bit short physically on Sunday [at Chelsea] and I played him against Doncaster to give him more competition. Is he happy at the club? That is the impression I have, yes.

“There is no disguised attitude on my side [over the selection policy]. I just try to get him back to full fitness and for me the Europa League and the League Cup is important, as well.

“I just try to give him competition and to get him back to his best because I gave him a long holiday. He came back not really fit and it took us time to get him back and then he got injured. If you add the injury plus the rest time it was a bit long but against Doncaster, you could see that he is coming back sharp now. I left him on the pitch, as well, for 90 minutes because I wanted him to have a real go.”

Chelsea draw

Arsenal of course managed to get a draw against Chelsea, and it was certainly a good result for them given how they’ve struggled at Stamford Bridge in the past, and will now want to kick on from that and their Carabo Cup win this weekend in the Premier League and make sure they get another three points on the board.