Arsenal’s Laurent Koscielny brings Giroud back to earth over ‘lucky’ Scorpion Kick Goal

Giroud’s Scorpion Kick

It looks like Olivier Giroud is a man who takes New Year’s Resolutions extremely seriously, and it’s fair to assume that his 2017 resolution involved an intention to score more beautiful goals.

Not exactly renowned for silky finesse, Giroud shocked the footballing world on New Year’s Day by scoring a sensational scorpion kick golazo against Crystal Palace at the Emirates.

It’s a goal that shook the world, and despite Giroud playing it down afterwards, it seems the Scorpion King tag has gone to his head.

Because after scoring the equalizer in the 3-3 draw against Bournemouth last week, Giroud wheeled away in delirious celebration, and did two little skips in the air which were meant to symbolize his scorpion kick.

Koscielny brings him down to earth

Speaking to, Koscielny brought Giroud back down to earth over his ‘lucky’ goal, and believes his Rabona goal at Arsenal’s Member’s Day was better.

OK, that might be stretching it a bit!

Koscielny was of course just having a bit of banter, and Giroud himself did admit there was an element of luck involved:

“Oli’s was very lucky and he can try that 10 times but I’m not sure he’d score it 10 times. Mine is more difficult because I needed time to progress with my skills.

“He had a little bit of luck for that goal but he tried it, so it’s a nice goal. The goal was very quick because we started in our box and arrived in their box within four or five passes.

The cross was behind Olivier but when you are confident, and I think he is, you can try those things.

“He’s been building his confidence over the course of the season by scoring lots of goals, and he was able to use it to try that skill. It was amazing because it hit the bar on the way in.

It was behind him, he tried the scorpion kick and it worked. That’s why it’s amazing.