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Arsenal and Theo Walcott pen classy letter to family who lost their son


Arsenal’s Theo Walcott has penned and sent a letter of condolences to a family who had lost their son earlier in the year in what is an incredible gesture.

The letter was posted on social media in the early hours of the morning by the father who had sadly lost his son.

The piece was sent by the club but it was Theo Walcott’s heartfelt message which really tugged at the heart strings of those on social media.

Walcott explained that having children of his own, he could not imagine the way the family were feeling but went on to express his admiration for the parents.

The letter was signed off with the touching sentence of ‘I am in utter admiration of you both’.

We, of course, send our condolences to the family.

Leed’s Stuart Dallas

A similar story has been posted on social media after Leeds’ Stuart Dallas learned of a man who had lost his fiance.

The mum of Johnathan Smyth’s two children had sadly passed away and Stuart Dallas took it upon himself to reach out to him.

The Northern Ireland international offered the father and his two children tickets to go and watch the Northern Ireland-Czech match.

Dallas reached out to the father and messaged him personally and his text message can be found here. 

With both Theo Walcott’s and Stuart Dallas’ gestures coming to light, it really does show that footballers are only human too.