Arsenal have major dressing room doubts ahead of Liverpool game apparently


Arsenal are a dressing room who are not fully together according to Lee Dixon, who thinks that off the field issues have affected the club, and their inability to finish the chances they’re creating is taking it’s toll.

Arsene Wenger has spoken about that this season extensively, and it seems that he thinks the forwards need to be doing better – but at the same time, players from other areas on the field also need to be weighing in with the goals as well.

“Nothing has really changed as far as Liverpool’s attacking prowess and they’re playing some delightful football to watch,” Dixon told the Mirror Football Podcast.

“As far as Arsenal are concerned that will certainly be on the players’ minds because I don’t care what players say when you ask them about historic games in the past and they say it doesn’t matter. 

“All of that is just psychology because there’s no doubt that when you play a team that has given you a good hiding in the previous fixture then it is on your mind.

“There will be a tiny little bit in the programme when you’re reading the notes before the game where players try to kid everybody else that they are in a focused place.

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There will sometimes be a little niggle with a few of them and that’s where the dressing rooms are a big place to have a look around and if you’re an experienced player you need to look at the younger ones and see who looks a bit nervous.

“There all tell-tale signs and when you’ve been in a dressing room for a period of time you start to pick up on that.

“That’s been one of my criticisms. I’m not in the Arsenal dressing room but it’s been one of my observations. Is there enough leadership going on, I’m talking about policing the dressing room and getting players around you to be in the same frame of mind.

“All I see is what happens on the pitch and at times performances have reflected a dressing room that’s not completely together.”

Big game

The game against Liverpool is huge and a win would send Arsenal into the final fixtures of this year with a huge amount of self belief – not to mention start the New Year well for them, but the attacking line up Liverpool have will want to once again show what they can do, and if Arsenal aren’t on form at the back, it could all go wrong for Wenger’s men.

Coming into January, the speculation over the future of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez won’t go away, and it seems an increasingly bad decision to keep Alexis at the club given how his form has taken a nosedive this season and he’s clearly unhappy.