Arsenal legend Ian Wright explains why he left Twitter to Long Ball Street Podcast

10 JAN 1996: Ian Wright of Arsenal listens to the cheers of the supporters after he scored in the Coca Cola Cup quarter final match against Newcastle at Highbury.

Speaking to Long Ball Street Podcast, Arsenal legend Ian Wright has explained why he decided to leave Twitter.

The former Arsenal and West Ham striker declared that he was leaving Twitter a couple of weeks ago – much to our disappointment (he follows us and regularly interacts with us).

Wrighty told the lads on the podcast that the abuse had simply become too much to take, and that he could no longer be bothered having to filter all the hate and trolls out of his mentions.

Anyone with any sort of sizable following on Twitter will be able to relate to his struggle.

Quite a lively and sparky character during his playing days, Wrighty has proven himself to be an accomplished broadcaster since retirement from football, ad has DJ’d on national radio, as well as being a regular pundit on BT Sport.

He hasn’t actually deleted his account as yet, so there is hope that he’ll be back…

“I’m not gonna come back because social media is just going to become bigger,” he said.

“It’s a monster. It’s out of control. It’s Godzilla. And we’re not going to be able to stop it. In films we’ve seen them stop Godzilla, but we can’t stop social media, and what they’re going to do.

“This is why I’ve come off Twitter. I don’t know if I’m going to go back on, because I don’t need to bring those kind of people … of course you get a thousand requests to wish people happy birthday, can you do this, can you re-Tweet this, can you do that.

“But sometimes it’s the straw that breaks the camels back when you get a comment, you know people are just doing it simply for a reaction.”