Arsenal fans turn on new signing Kolasinac after pre-season display

Not fans

Arsenal fans are harsher than most. That much is pretty much a known fact in football, and with social media, they have a platform to all make their views known.

That’s why any player, old or new, knows that one poor game and the knives will be out for them.

Sadly for Sead Kolasinac, he was the one copping most of the flak during their win over Bayern Munich – because, yes, Germans do lose on penalties sometimes apparently, and it seems that many of the fans were calling him rubbish, fat and a variety of other names that aren’t going to be repeated in a family friendly environment any time soon.

However, as some fans pointed out, there is a bug going round the Arsenal camp, with Olivier Giroud and Per Mertesacker – and Kolasinac all thought to be affected, meaning he was hardly going to be at his best.

Add to that it is pre-season, he will have been taking it easy over the summer like many players in terms of his fitness and diet, and the humid conditions, along with the fact Arsenal are a new team for him, and you can give him a little leeway – or so you’d think.

Not according to some fans, who savaged him on social media.

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