Arsenal fans moan about scraping a win while their rivals dominate

Not impressed

Arsenal fans are never an easy bunch of people to please, so when all their rivals – bar of course Liverpool – hammered their opponents in the Carabo Cup, and yet Arsenal managed to only scrape past their opponents Doncaster, it was always going to be eventful on social media.

Liverpool fans actually trolled them for moaning, understandable given what happened to them the night before, and Arsenal fans themselves were annoyed at players starting out of position and the squad looking like they expected a routine win.

Obviously the main thing was that they were in the hat for the next round, but that’s not enough for some people and it seems Arsenal fans are really trying to get a performance that gives them confidence and hope – and while you might have expected them to run riot tonight, they of course made hard work of it, and this is how the fans reacted.

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