Liverpool fans start to worry as Arsenal’s top four hopes boosted

Arsene Wenger & BBC

Are they even playing?

Arsenal were playing a pretty vital game in the Premier League while the Champions League was ongoing, and while their fans cared, it seemed that the majority of other people weren’t really that bothered – at all.

The Gunners laboured in the first half, and after Southampton managed to keep a clean sheet against Liverpool, many people wondered if a similar thing was about to happen when they took on Arsenal.

After a rather boring first half that ended goalless, the Arsenal fans feared the worst. However, their man of the moment, Alexis Sanchez managed to stand up and be counted once again, and scored the goal to put the Gunners ahead, with Olivier Giroud confirming the win.

One thing that a win for Arsenal does do is place them right on the tails of Liverpool, who have to face West Ham, and the Reds were beginning to worry that they might see their top four hopes ended after dropping points at home once again.

It also meant Manchester United were back down to sixth place, where they’ve spent the majority of their season, yet with the Europa League to worry about, their fans didn’t really seem too bothered.

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