This is the last thing Arsenal fans needed to hear about Alexis Sanchez after Bayern defeat

Alexis Sanchez’ contract situation

Alexis Sanchez’s contract situation is the elephant in the Arsenal room this season.

The Chilean has been Arsenal’s best player this season, and their title hopes rest largely on his shoulders.

But his contract situation is becoming a big distraction, and Gooners are starting to fret that they could lose their best player unless the club’s hierarchy meets his wage demands.

Like Mesut Ozil, Sanchez’s current deal runs out at the end of next season, but Arsenal fans are much more worried about their Chilean start than their German one.

Sanchez  was looking as happy as Larry until recently, but his body language has changed in recent weeks, in corollary with Arsenal’s nosediving form, and Gooners are getting worried that he’ll leave.

Arsenal fear he’s already decided to leave

And so are the club.

In fact, according to this report from the Mirror, the Arsenal board fear that Sanchez has already made up his mind about quitting the Emirates, and will leave Arsenal this summer when Arsene Wenger does.