Antonio Conte playing for Juventus

Antonio Conte reveals the title slip-up that gave him six sleepless nights

Juventus nightmare

Eight points clear with 13 games to play, Chelsea are heavy favourites to win the Premier League title. While their position is commanding, Antonio Conte has been here before. He told a cautionary tale to journalists at his press conference on Friday about a haunting experience from his playing days as Juventus captain.

Conte’s warning

It was the 1999-00 season and Juventus had a nine point lead with eight games to go. Somehow, they managed to fluff their lines in the closing weeks of the season. Lazio clawed back points and pipped them to the Serie A finish line.

Conte said: “In my experience as a footballer, I have had two experiences, one good, another bad against Lazio.

“When Lazio in the last six or seven games recovered seven or eight points and we lost the title in the last game against Perugia, I was captain and remember very well. After this game, I had to go to the Euros with the national team and I didn’t sleep for six days because it was a shock for me to lose the title.”