antonio cassano

Antonio Cassano announces retirement, reverses decision hours later

Change of heart

Antonio Cassano is one of football’s most interesting characters. The former Italy international shocked Verona fans when he announced his retirement on Tuesday morning – just seven days after he signed for them.

Holding a press conference that afternoon to elaborate on the reasons behind his decision, media gathered to be told that he had reversed his decision. He initially felt that he was too far from home (Genoa is only 3.5 hours away).

However, the 35-year-old was convinced by his wife and Verona to honour his contract and stay.

A history of nonsense

Once the great hope of Italian football, Cassano had the talent to be one of the world’s greatest players. However, his career was blighted by poor eating habits and a bad attitude.

He should have been a star in Italy’s World Cup-winning squad in 2006 but a disappointing season with Real Madrid prevented him from making the squad. He won the Serie A title with AC Milan in 2011.