Antoine Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann hints at Man United move in Atletico Madrid statement

Antoine Griezmann signs at Atletico on until 2022

On Monday evening, it was announced that Antoine Griezmann had signed a new five-year contract with Atletico Madrid, until 2022.

Whilst Atletico would clearly love to keep Griezmann until the end of the contract, it seems pretty clear that this new deal is very much a quid pro quo arrangement.

Griezmann has helped Atletico Madrid in their hour of need. Due to their transfer ban, were the French attacker have left in this transfer window, Diego Simeone’s side could not have registered a replacement until 2018.

In return, Atletico have ensured that Griezmann can still leave, perhaps as early as next summer, since his release clause did not change with the new deal.

“The first thing that I want to do is apologise”

On Tuesday, Griezmann spoke to the Atletico Madrid website and explained his decision to sign on again, surprisingly apologising in the process.

Perhaps to Manchester United fans, or even Atletico supporters, for comments about a move this summer.

Griezmann: “The first thing that I want to do is apologise to the people who misunderstood my statements. Maybe I expressed myself badly or someone wanted to make news where there weren’t any, but since I came, I have given my all for my club, my teammates and my coaching staff, and I’m very happy to live one more season with all of you.”

“One more season…”

The final sentence above suggests that Griezmann is only expecting to stay in Spain for one more year.

Griezmann added: “I will thank them all by giving my best on the pitch, as always. Now, I will be resting for a few days to recover and return with my teammates and the coaching staff to prepare the season in Los Ángeles de San Rafael, like every year.”

Manchester United fans can expect another year of Antoine Griezmann transfer rumours…

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