Andrea Pirlo discusses why AC Milan will not win Serie A this season

Team cohesion

Legendary Italian midfielder Andrea Pirlo has revealed that he thinks AC Milan will not win the Serie A title this season for one specific reason.

The former Milan player explained that he feels it will take time for the team to melt together since they have bought a whole new player.

Milan have signed a total of ten players this summer, all of the incredible quality but with that comes the difficult period of bringing the squad together.

That has lead Pirlo to suggest that the side will not win the Serie A title this season but there is no doubt they will be targeting the Champions League spots.

“I do not believe. When you start from scratch and get ten new players, as good as you want, it’s hard to win right away,” he explained.

“You have to play them together, put them in the field. Montella will have a stimulating but difficult job.”

Milan target another massive signing

Regardless of what Andrea Pirlo thinks, Milan are ready to continue their recruitment drive.

The San Siro side are targeting a forward who would certainly make waves in Serie A.

Find out who the player is here.