Alisson’s stats are better than David De Gea plus Tottenham’s surprise & Chelsea’s big problem

Premier League top six goalie stats

In collaboration with stats gurus Opta, the Telegraph have released a brand new set of data on the top six’s goalies in the Premier League.

How has the data been collected?

Opta’s insights aim to illuminate how many goals have been prevented by the keepers.

How do they do that?

They look at the difference between the actual total numbers of goals scored and the total ‘Expected Goals on Target (xGoT)’ value of all shots.

The Telegraph give more detail on the xGoT metric:

Expected Goals on Target (xGoT) gives a value – between zero and one – to every shot on target based on both the striker’s position and placement of the shot to show how likely it is to result in a goal. 

Alisson’s stats are better than David De Gea

It’s often touted that Man United’s David De Gea is the best goalie in the Premier League.

Some even argue he’s the best goalie in the world.

However, when it comes to this season’s stats, Liverpool’s Alisson is outperforming De Gea. The Telegraph reveal:

Alisson has saved 4.8 goals that should have gone in, while De Gea’s differential is 3.1, the fifth best in the league. 

Tottenham’s Hugo Lloris

In a surprise revelation, Tottenham’s Hugo Lloris is at the top of the goalie list for preventing goals.

The key Lloris stat is that Tottenham’s keeper has saved 78 per cent of shots on target.

However there was also another key observation about the Spurs stopper.

He appears to have a weakness saving shots low down to his right.

Chelsea’s Kepa problem

The goalie stats weren’t kind to Chelsea’s young Spanish goalie Kepa Arrizabalaga.

As revealed by the Telegraph, Kepa “has conceded nearly four more goals than the stats suggest he should have”.

Chelsea paid £71 million for the keeper.

Arsenal & Man City

When it came to Arsenal’s Bernd Leno, the stats were kind to the German.

The conclusion reached after looking at the data is that Leno concedes a lot of goals because of too little protection from his defence.

Finally, Man City’s Ederson is performing slightly above the average this term.

Also see: Man City’s two injury concerns before Chelsea.

Pep Guardiola reveals why Man City won’t win the Champions League.

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