Neymar’s PSG signing could be completed by Monday or Tuesday

Impending transfer

The biggest transfer in footballing history could be coming to a dramatic end with suggestions that a deal from Barcelona to PSG could be completed by Monday or Tuesday.
Rumours of a potential deal were initially rebuffed with the idea of Neymar swapping Barcelona for PSG too much for many people to believe.
Soon, murmurs become too loud for football fans to ignore as they continually picked up pace over the past few weeks.
There were then suggestions a deal was near completion and on Friday it was confirmed that Neymar would miss media obligations due to a transfer related event.
Even further so, there have been suggestions today that Neymar’s team hope to have a deal formally concluded by Monday or Tuesday next week in what will be by far the most expensive transfer in history.
The Brazilian’s release clause of €222m comfortably beats that of Paul Pogba’s £89m move to Manchester United, dwarfs it in fact.
Should a deal get done by Tuesday, it will certainly send shockwaves through the world of football that Paris Saint Germain mean business.

Neymar cancels event

It is safe to say that the alarm bells were ringing when news broke that Neymar would miss some media obligations that were talked about an awful lot.
Alarm bells were ringing even further when reports suggesting the event had been cancelled also explained that his reasoning was due to an impending transfer.
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