Jose Mourinho and John Bishop try to make each other laugh with bad jokes (Video)

Jose Mourinho trying not to laugh
Jose Mourinho trying not to laugh

Bad jokes

Who can resist a bad joke? That was the premise of this Channel 4 video as they stood up to cancer with special guests. In this segment, Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho and comedian John Bishop tried to make each other laugh. They did this with terrible jokes and straight-faced delivery.

It makes for entertaining viewing.

Relaxed Mourinho

Too often do we see the moody side of Mourinho at press conferences.

Agitated by criticism during the early days of his reign at United, the Special One takes swings at every opportunity. Here, he’s relaxed and seemingly having fun. It must take a load off to be able to step away from the stressful all-encompassing football environment.

What do you call a sheep with no legs? Find out by watching the video below.