Arsenal fan Ty thinks watching Avengers Assemble was good omen (Video)

A game of inches

Football matches can sometimes be decided by the toss of a coin (they once were as history buffs will know).

If fans feel that they can make any impact on the chances of their team winning then they’ll do what they can.

We all have our own good luck rituals. Maybe you cross your fingers. Maybe you say a desperate prayer.

Or maybe -just maybe – you watch the Avengers Assemble.

Arsenal fan Ty believes that his viewing habits brought luck to Arsenal. The Avengers Assemble cartoon movie features a robot character whose name is Arsenal, you see. So, er, take that Manchester City.

FA Cup final

Perhaps Ty’s taste in movies was the difference for Arsenal in their 2-1 win over City in the FA Cup semi-final.

Or maybe more credit should go the Gunners’ very own superhero Alexis Sanchez, scorer of a last minute winner.

They face Chelsea in the final next month.

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