Aaron Ramsey reveals the biggest diva and the toughest player at Arsenal (Video)

Aaron Ramsey having a chuckle
Aaron Ramsey having a chuckle

Boring impression

Aaron Ramsey took the opportunity to sit down with Soccer AM recently to talk about his Arsenal teammates. The Welsh midfielder was asked to assign tags to his colleagues and even wrapped things up with an impression of Arsene Wenger. Mind you, it couldn’t have been a more boring impression. He literally works with Wenger every day but couldn’t come up with anything better than ‘I didn’t see it’.

Is that joke even really relevant anymore? Maybe it never stops being relevant when he’s your coach.

Ramsey’s revelations

But back to the revelations Ramsey made about all of your favourite Arsenal stars. Olivier Giroud is the biggest diva, which isn’t that surprising given how well-groomed he is. Laurent Koscielny is the player who best fits the tough-as-nails description. That’s probably fitting for a defender who gets kicked in the face with alarming regularity. Hang on, though, who’s the nutmeg King? And the teacher’s pet?

Find out by watching the video below.

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