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A stylish, easy-to-use alternative to other VPN systems, NordVPN is often described as the top of its class – both for speed and substance. An increasingly well-known brand in the market, this VPN goes above and beyond what similar services provide. From offering some of the top speeds on the market to providing a fast and practical interface, there are many reasons why users might opt for NordVPN as their service of choice.

NordVPN is ranked amongst the top services available for customers considering a VPN, in part thanks to its practical design, functional controls and accessible style. This high usability makes this VPN ideal for users of all skill levels, and is the perfect choice for users looking into VPNs for the first time.

This slick choice of design and stylish UI might be perfect for first-timers to the world of VPNs, but veterans will also enjoy the many features and options available to them, in addition to the high level of security provided by the company overall. For users of all types, NordVPN has its own specific features that will appeal.

Designed with a simple setup, a reliable support network and with the ongoing growth of the company and service itself, NordVPN isn’t just a VPN that’s suited to the now. It’s one that is designed to only progress further and become better over time, as its customer base evolves and develops. With consistent updates, an active development team and an engaged support service, NordVPN seems to have everything under control.

The perfect platform for torrenting or watching streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, NordVPN is designed with the security of its customers in mind. Excellent encryption, and a Panama location, ensure your log files and data are kept safe and secure in the long-term, without fear of the information falling into the wrong hands and little is stored by the company itself.

NordVPN is priced from $2.99 per month for a three-year plan, with prices increasing to a less value-packed $11.95 per month for a rolling monthly subscription. More about the VPN service can be found on their official website at

Does one of the world’s favourite VPNs live up to the hype? In our opinion, it does – and its rating reflects that. Read on to find out more about this unique service, and why it might just be the perfect choice for its many customers and future users to come.

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How to use NordVPN – Setup & Usability

For even the most novice of users, NordVPN is designed to be quick and easy to set up, and the whole process can be completed in just a few moments. Prior to downloading NordVPN’s application, your subscription must be purchased and an account registered that will allow you access to the service. Once a subscription has been bought and your login confirmed, you’re ready to begin the setup process immediately.

Simply enter your NordVPN login information into the website, and you will be navigated automatically to the download area, where you can choose the app suitable for your current platform from a selection of different OS options. For the mobile version of NordVPN, downloading directly through the Android and iOS app stores is also available.

Unlike many VPN systems out there, NordVPN offers greater flexibility and choice when it comes to the installation of their VPN. This is ideal for power users or for more advanced VPN customers. Currently, the service provides individual installation files for Windows as an OpenVPN connection GUI, or alternatively .OVPN and .PBK files are available for manual installation.

This ensures that NordVPN is compatible with far more systems, including the popular Raspberry Pi, which is compatible with .OVPN. Download files are also available for both Tomato and DD-WRT router firmware, further adding to the flexibility of NordVPN as a service.

Once the download is complete, you’re ready to go – when NordVPN is opened, you’ll gain access to the attractive and flashy UI in the full application version. Visually straightforward, attractive and well-signposted, finding your way around the interface for NordVPN is a breeze. Connection is available via a visually-displayed map, allowing you to choose your required VPN quickly and easily.

Once you’ve chosen your connection, your input is complete – and the VPN is live and ready to go. It’s as simple as that. Unlike other VPNs, NordVPN doesn’t require the same steep learning curve. The simple interface and basic knowledge is all you need to use this application effectively – and everything feels like common sense, rather than reaching around in the dark to find the correct option for you.

NordVPN also has extensive options within its settings, allowing more advanced users to customise their experience in addition to allowing for greater fine-tuning. Options include security, and the choice to turn automatic updates on or off for your NordVPN application.

NordVPN: What does it look like

NordVPN Review Pros & Cons

NordVPN Pros

One of the main, and most significant, advantages of choosing NordVPN is the large number of features and add-ons included in the price, which makes the cost far more attractive to even casual users. Some of the best features included with the VPN are access to NordVPN Netflix, in addition to IP hiding and its use for torrenting.

In addition to those positive features, NordVPN also makes a point by calling themselves the world’s most secure VPN – and they back up that claim with some excellent security features, including DoubleVPN, which allows for the encryption of data twice. Combine that with over 5000 secure servers in over 60 countries, and you have a VPN that goes above and beyond in what it provides.

NordVPN also makes their platform as accessible as possible for all users, including tutorials on how to utilise their VPN for many other mobile operating systems, in addition to routers and Raspberry Pi. Unlike other VPN services, NordVPN welcomes the variety of flexibility its service provides, and goes far beyond simply appealing to users of Windows and Mac, or mobile iOS and Android customers.

Other useful and practical features included in NordVPN include a kill switch built into the system, to automatically kill your connection should your VPN connectivity be interrupted. DNS leak protection is also included, protecting users from the common issue of DNS leaks without any input required.

SmartPlay is another excellent feature utilised by NordVPN, which enables users to access a variety of geo-restricted streaming services, including but not limited to Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer and more. As Netflix cracks down on access to its platform via VPN, NordVPN is always one step ahead, ensuring uninterrupted access from anywhere around the globe.

NordVPN also holds a strict policy against logging its users information, ensuring that when you use the service, the information that is generated is not stored. Other than the payment data and email address of the user, all other information is not logged by the service – which, for many users, is a must when picking the right VPN for them.

With VPNs increasingly being used for their access to streaming services and NordVPN torrent, a service that does both is ideal for users. NordVPN has the tools required to allow their users access to Netflix, as well as the volume of servers needed for effective torrenting. The combination of the two makes the platform not only practical, but efficient also. A must for the average VPN user today.

Another significant plus to using NordVPN is the excellent and stable speed of the service as a whole. Efficiency is a requirement for any leading VPN, and NordVPN is right up there with the best when it comes to NordVPN download and upload speeds, with download speeds of over 70mbps consistently recorded for the application.

NordVPN’s location in Panama is another green flag for the company. For the majority of VPNs, location in an independent country that does not require the sharing of information or data on logging can provide the best possible security for their customers and future users. Payment can even be made in bitcoin, to ensure true anonymity when it comes to using their service.

In addition to offering excellent services and well-implemented security procedures, NordVPN also has the advantage of a knowledgeable customer support team. For many VPN services, the level of support can be lacking or non-existent. But in the case of NordVPN, answers to technical questions and general support is easy to come by through its live chat and email support system.

In fact, NordVPN offers around-the-clock support to its users, a must with its customer base spread so far across the world. This ensures that you can get the help you need quickly and effectively, a requirement for newcomers to the world of VPNs.

For those who prefer finding their own information and guidance, NordVPN also has a wealth of information available through their support section, known as the NordVPN Help Center. Here, there’s information on anything from getting started with the application, billing information, and even a complete knowledge base that offers insight into what NordVPN do, and how they do it.

With over 500 guides, tutorials and questions answered, there’s plenty to read through and learn, which is perfect for those who enjoy getting stuck into their research before they choose to invest in the platform of their choice.

Overall, NordVPN’s commitment to user-friendliness, and their approach to supporting their customers, is what really sets them apart from their competitors. Combined with an easy to use and attractive interface, it’s easy to see why this service is considered one of the top options out there for those considering a VPN for their own personal use. Whether it’s torrenting or catching up on the latest Netflix shows, NordVPN has it all covered with their expert knowledge and simple to use system.

NordVPN Cons

Overall, NordVPN is a solid choice for anyone considering making the transition to a new VPN service, or looking at VPNs for the first time. However, there are a few problems that might not make NordVPN the number one choice for you, depending on your exact needs and requirements.

While NordVPN does offer a very reasonable 30-day money back guarantee if you’re unhappy with the service, there is a long waiting period for that refund to be processed into your account. With most of us used to a seven-day turnaround for refunds, waiting a whole month can seem a frustrating experience, and one that may result in your customer experience feeling less than ideal.

As such, it’s essential to have a good idea if NordVPN is the right service for you before you invest in it – which brings us right on to our second point: pricing. While NordVPN certainly isn’t the highest-priced service on the market, it’s also not at the lower end, and the cost may put off potential customers at first glance.

NordVPN advertises its prices as just $3 per month on the front end, but in actuality, that cost only applies if you’re willing to pay for three years up-front; not ideal, and a long-term investment for a service you’ve not yet used. The typical monthly cost is more around the $12 mark, which allows you to cancel at-will, but will also cost you much more over a year or so.

NordVPN does provide access immediately upon purchase, and everything is included with a flat plan for all costs. However, there’s no option to upgrade or add to your account, which may not be ideal for power users who want to increase the capacity or capability of their application.

This lack of a tiering system might mean that everyone gets access to everything, but it also means that specific features are waylaid in place of easy accessibility and functionality. There are plenty of options that can help customise your experience of NordVPN, but overall the service is targeted at a more general audience rather than for specialist users.

In addition to the higher price point than some of its main competitors, NordVPN also has several issues when it comes to the consistency of its servers. The server recommendation feature included is not as strong as it could be, and as you are unable to choose the server city you use, it can be slightly down to luck if you get a high-speed or slightly slower server as a result.

Of course, compared to some VPNs, the majority of NordVPN’s servers are more than capable of dealing with anything you throw at them, but not having access to the kind of consistency other services can offer could be a source of frustration when it comes to users who value constant efficiency in their software.

Another concern with NordVPN, as with VPNs as a whole, is their selling point of access to Netflix. With the company cracking down hard on VPNs, continual access to the site can’t be guaranteed, especially when it comes to US programming. However, NordVPN is proactive in their approach to this; offering recommended servers to users where access to Netflix has been proven a success.

NordVPN strives to offer high standards of customer care, but all support is done through anonymous systems such as live chat. This means that problems which require multiple points of contact can get easily lost between conversations, and it’s unlikely you’ll get to talk to the same person twice. When it comes to single issues, these systems are ideal, but for more complicated problems, getting to talk to just one support person can come as a challenge.

NordVPN Features

NordVPN has a wide range of unique features and options that help to make it one of the most successful services on the market. From efficiency tools to practical user experiences, with NordVPN it definitely feels like the customer is being put first.

One of the most notable features of NordVPN is its multi-purpose functionality. Unlike other platforms, this VPN service offers you more flexibility depending on what you need from it. Whether it’s torrenting or streaming Netflix, or even simply encrypting and securing your traffic, NordVPN offers a customised service to match those needs.

Double VPNs, Onion over VPN and anti-DDoS servers are just some of the options included within NordVPN to ensure an uninterrupted connection. In addition, users can instead direct traffic in a variety of ways, such as through IP VPN servers, to enable the best possible security for their usage. With many connection locations available, there’s plenty of choice on offer.

Another of the selling points of NordVPN is its ability to host up to six simultaneous connections to a network. This is ideal for power users or those with multiple Internet-enabled devices. For even the most tech-savvy single individual, six connections are more than enough for one subscription. You can even access NordVPN from your PC, tablet and one entertainment system simultaneously, at your leisure.

NordVPN’s auto connectivity is another massive bonus of this service, with an option to open the application on startup. Not only does this make NordVPN effortless, but it also makes it convenient too. Running uninterrupted in the background, you’d hardly know it was there. Combined with NordVPN’s excellent kill switch, connectivity is better than ever with this system.

Highly security-conscious, NordVPN offers reassurance to its users thanks to its excellent security practices. Recently, they have added new options to the arsenal with CyberSec, a security upgrade that can automatically act as a way to block its users from suspicious sites. In part, the programme is highly functional as a way to provide online protection and can even protect users from DDoS attacks.

Many users will be in search of a VPN for the specific purpose of unblocking the heavily geo-locked Netflix and similar streaming platforms. NordVPN offers all a user could need to access Netflix’s many region-locked locations, from India to the UK, America to Germany. While, as we’ve mentioned above, Netflix is trying to crack down on VPNs, NordVPN seems to be one step ahead and may be the best choice in the long term.

Finally, one of the most critical features of NordVPN is its user-friendly design. For even a newcomer to VPNs, the easy accessibility and smart style choices make NordVPN feel polished, functional and professional – all the elements you’d want from such an important application.

Final Verdict

Effective, practical and pleasant to look at, NordVPN has a lot going for it when it comes to the broader market. There is undoubtedly a reason why it is one of the top choices out there, and it’s not just the ongoing advertising campaigns the company is partaking in.

NordVPN is so successful because it puts its users first, offering an excellently designed UI and pages of support information and guidance to ensure you go into your purchase with all the knowledge you could need. Combined with the fact that NordVPN is continually evolving and developing behind the scenes, this service just might be the perfect choice for a wide range of users.

With many added functionalities and problem-solving technology, the creators behind NordVPN saw a gap in the market and took it, with services that offer easy accessibility to new users, while remaining powerful enough to still be impressive for more seasoned customers.

From those simply wishing to see that new US-locked Netflix show, or those looking for a more practical and secure way to torrent, NordVPN has ample features and great customer service to help you get the job done. Despite a few minor setbacks, such as its higher price point, NordVPN is definitely worth the investment and is more than worth a solid 4/5 score.

If you’re considering investing in a VPN, then NordVPN’s service is one to consider. Find out more about the service or sign up for a subscription today at, where NordVPN coupon options are often available for a great deal on this application.