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ExpressVPN Overview

There is a lot of hype around ExpressVPN as the Virtual Private Network provider that has everything you could possibly need.

It has a reputation for having extremely high speeds throughout its network of servers, as well as top-of-the-range security features that really stand out from the crowd.

It is a popular provider of VPN services based in the British Virgin Islands, where taxation and data-retention laws are about as relaxed as it gets. It excels in comparison to its competition, thanks to the 2,000+ servers spread across 94 different countries.

Best coverage is found in Europe and the USA, and it is supported on a wide range of platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and many others, with support getting set up on routers, smart TVs, tablets, games consoles and more.

The valuable technical extras are everywhere, with private DNS servers protecting your internet traffic and top-end encryption technology keeping even the most sophisticated attackers from watching your activities.

There are some unique security features that give you unparalleled privacy, whatever you do, with a simple and clear privacy policy that confirms ExpressVPN will never log any sensitive information.

It isn’t the cheapest VPN out there, but the value for money is great. You get 24/7 livechat support from experts who can walk you through any issues you might encounter. They are quick and efficient, which is quite unheard of in the VPN market, and it is the top-ranking VPN in most people’s books.

Read our ExpressVPN review to learn all the details about ExpressVPN, including information about torrent support and unblocking Netflix.

ExpressVPN: Best features

ExpressVPN Rating by 101 Great Goals

At 101 Great Goals, we look for VPNs that are best suited to live streaming with our platform.

Other features are, of course, important to consider, but this is the priority from our perspective. And on that front, we find ExpressVPN to be a top quality VPN that exceeds expectations. T

he platform support is second to none, and the privacy is superb. With an intuitive, easy-to-use UI, excellent unblocking abilities and round-the-clock support, you’ll be up and running in no time with industry-leading standards.

Some may find the limit of 3 simultaneous connections to be an issue, but other than that you won’t find a more polished, professional and powerful service on the net.

How to use ExpressVPN – Setup & Usability

One of the common obstacles to setting up a VPN is that people find it challenging to get up and running.

The ExpressVPN website is designed with this in mind, making it a simple as possible to get set up with the minimum hassle.

Once you’ve subscribed to a plan, you log in to your dashboard and don’t have to hunt around for an ExpressVPN download link; the website will detect what device you’re using and provide the right download link automatically.

You can also access a list of tailored setup options for a range of devices, including direct links to the apps for mobile devices. They even go the extra mile to help you avoid having to laboriously enter your username and password.

Instead, you get a unique activation code which can be copied and pasted from the download page, which you then paste into the client when prompted to set up automatically with your unique login credentials. No need to keep remembering and carefully typing your details manually.

You also get the option to put together a third-party OpenVPN client. This process is streamlined by ExpressVPN through the provision of sensibly-tagged. OVPN configuration files, which can help you get up and running in a matter of minutes.

ExpressVPN: Change IP location to access global content

ExpressVPN Review Pros & Cons

Speed tests on ExpressVPN consistently find very fast speeds across their entire server network – something that is unheard of in other VPN providers. The security features are industry-leading, with a sophisticated Network Lock ‘kill switch’ for apps that block traffic if the VPN connection is interrupted, ensuring your data is kept safe and secure.

This feature works with your operating system’s firewall, and the apps will even keep you protected against leaks when going in/out of connectivity and switching network interfaces. The apps across different devices all work flawlessly, with well-designed interfaces that are user-friendly and look great.

Of course, nothing is ever perfect, and the biggest drawback with ExpressVPN is the pricing. There are often discounts applied, but the base pricing models are above average, particularly if you opt for the monthly plan. However, it is worth the spend for unparalleled speed, security and reliability.

The other limitation is that only 3 simultaneous connections can be used with a single subscription. This won’t be a drawback unless you frequently browse with 4+ devices. Of course, if you use ExpressVPN with your router, you can connect every other device to your VPN with only the router counting.

Read on for details about the specific pros and cons of the ExpressVPN service.

ExpressVPN Pros

Logging – Most VPN websites cite a strict ‘No Logging’ policy displayed prominently on-screen. But when you look at the privacy policy, there is very little in the way of details about this policy. This is not the case with ExpressVPN; they take the time to explain in detail how the logging policy works. In the British Virgin Islands, where ExpressVPN is based, there are no data retention laws, meaning no activity logs and no connection logs.

If you need more detail than this, you don’t have to trawl through a 2,000-word privacy policy packed with legal jargon. Instead, there is a policy towards log page explaining, in plain English, what ExpressVPN does and doesn’t collect.

No logs of your IP address will ever be collected, and your login times, the VPN IP you’re assigned, the websites you visit and your traffic are all protected too. Any data that the company does collect is completely anonymous, so your privacy is protected 100% of the time.

Speed and performance – One of the critical factors of a VPN is the speed.

The good news is that ExpressVPN has been rigorously tested by a number of users, and none have found the service to have any significant connection issues at all. Latency is reasonable; as you’d expect, you’ll get the fastest connections with local servers. But even when you choose servers that go a little further afield, you will experience consistently good performance.

You may experience slightly more latency issues with servers from countries with less developed infrastructure, such as those in some areas of South America. You also get terrific download speeds, typically in the range from 50-55Mbps. No matter what servers you use, you are never likely to see download speeds drop below a very respectable 24Mbps.

Servers and privacy – Every VPN will claim to offer total privacy, but when you scratch the surface you frequently find that this is not the case. ExpressVPN, on the other hand, really delivers on its promises, with a lengthy feature list to back up every claim of complete privacy.

The encryption is enterprise-level, using a 4096-bit SHA-512 RSA certificate with AES-256-CBC to encrypt its control channel and HMAC (Hash Message Authentication Code) preventing regular data being changed in real time. Another layer of protection comes from Perfect Forward Secrecy, meaning you are assigned a new secret key with every connection which is replaced every 60 minutes. So even the most advanced attacker could never get more than 60 minutes of data.

In layman’s terms, the ExpressVPN encryption scheme is the best you’ll find anywhere. With added DNS support, ExpressVPN doesn’t just offer DNS leak protection; it also runs a private, 256-bit encrypted, zero-knowledge DNS on every server, which is a major advantage over services that simply redirect DNS traffic to OpenDNS.

ExpressVPN Netflix

One popular application for a VPN is access to geoblocked websites like Netflix USA. Normally, only US visitors can access the platform, but by logging into a US-based server you can bypass this block.

Of course, Netflix is aware of this and tries to prevent users getting around their rules by blocking VPN servers. But ExpressVPN promises to unblock a list of services that includes Netflix, and this is a commitment it doesn’t take lightly.

It might take a little trial and error to find a server that works for the service you’re after, but the helpful live chat customer service is there to give accurate recommendations. Netflix, and a range of other popular services, can be reliably unblocked with ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN Torrents

At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking ExpressVPN isn’t the most torrent-friendly service. It doesn’t appear to mention P2P at all, but the truth is that the service both supports torrents and eliminates the common annoyances that are frequently associated with them. Torrent users won’t be forced into a small cluster of overpopulated servers, as there is a full set of locations available. There aren’t any catches with bandwidth or transfer either, with no data cap to throttle your connection.

There is no ‘fair usage’ clause with ExpressVPN to provide sneaky loopholes to ban heavy downloaders. With zero activity logs, numerous locations, app support on most platforms and the 30-day money-back guarantee, ExpressVPN is a terrific choice for torrenting enthusiasts.

Apps – The Android app has impressive stats in the Play Store. You can get a QR code on your Windows system to find it quickly. With a few basic setup choices, you can be up and running in seconds, with a username and password setup during installation to avoid having to deal with login screens. The app looks great and works in much the same way as the Windows alternative, with the addition of a Kill Switch to instantly disconnect if any security concerns arise.

A few of the more advanced features aren’t in the app, like the Speed Test and some of the Settings. But these aren’t critical issues, with improvements over the Windows edition like not having to close an existing connection before choosing a new one. And you get a free 7-day trial with the Android app.

The iOS app takes a few more taps to install (for security reasons) but the setup process is equally streamlined and the user experience is very similar. There is very little to learn in the app for basic encryption and anonymisation of your connection. There are only 2 significant settings with the iOS app, with no Kill Switch, but there is an auto-reconnect option to re-establish a tunnel in the event that your connection drops. The 7-day free trial is on offer for iOS users as well.

Browser extensions – ExpressVPN clients are very polished and easy to use, but if you prefer, you can work with Chrome or Firefox extensions. Once installed, you get an ExpressVPN icon in the toolbar, which opens up an interface similar to the regular clients. It displays the current VPN status, an option to select your preferred location, and a large on/off button.

Using VPN with your preferred browser makes life pretty simple, as you never need to switch between Chrome and the client every time you want to do something. But the browser extension lacks some of the features of the ExpressVPN client, such as the ability to build up a list of favourites. Advanced settings like the Speed Test are also missing in the browser extensions, but that’s not a big deal really. And there are some unique features to the browser extensions, like the Privacy and Security section that helps prevent HTML5 geolocation from discovering your real location. The browser extensions won’t be for everyone, but overall it’s still a nice addition to the ExpressVPN package.

Customer support – VPNs can play up in all sorts of ways, and it can be challenging to figure out what has gone wrong. With ExpressVPN, you get a hefty list of troubleshooting guides to address as many issues as possible. The majority of articles are well-written, delivering in most of the critical areas. Everything is well explained, with multiple solution suggestions and links to relevant articles that might be helpful.

Setup articles are also impressive, with multiple tutorials for all manner of installation configurations, meaning the vast majority of users will find all they need to get up and running. If nothing in the website helps, the support team is available 24/7 via live chat and email. The live chat delivers the fastest results, but you should get a reply to any email within 24 hours (more likely within 1-2 hours). Agents are extremely helpful, taking the time to walk users through what they need to do whenever there is an issue. And you will always speak to a real person, rather than an automated chatbot, meaning your experience with the customer support will consistently be good.

ExpressVPN Cons

Plans/pricing – ExpressVPN comes with a very simple pricing structure that consists of 3 basic plans.

There is a monthly-billed product priced at $12.95 per month, which is above average when compared to the competition.

If you sign up to the 6-month plan this drops to $9.99 per month, while the annual plan cuts the cost even further, down to a monthly equivalent of $8.32. This represents a discount of 35% on the monthly price, but it is still a little higher than some of the competition.

The website spells out the details of the plans in a clear and honest manner, with no misleading headline prices or hidden costs. And there is a diverse range of payment options available, including debit/credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin and a wide range of other players.

There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to check the service out for yourself and get your money back if you decide to cancel within 28 days. The mobile apps offer 7-day trials, so there’s plenty of scope to try before you buy. And, of course, there are ExpressVPN coupon codes to be found that could save you money when you sign up.

ExpressVPN Features

ExpressVPN is absolutely loaded with servers and privacy features. Some of the highlights include:

Anonymous IP: with the advanced encryption and range of privacy measures, even the most skilled attacker will be unable to obtain the details of your real IP address. And with the strict no logs policy, you can rest assured that there will be no way for anyone to track down your IP after the fact; anonymous IP surfing absolutely guaranteed!

Kill-Switch: the ExpressVPN Network Lock feature helps keep data secure by blocking all traffic the second your VPN connection drops. This ensures all your data remains secure and encrypted at all times, along with the protection of your IP address. It is available for the Windows, Mac OS, Linux and router apps, and works extremely well in every case.

P2P servers: all your torrenting needs are met with a wide range of P2P servers that are designed to be free from many of the normal hassles associated with torrent file sharing. Maintain consistent download speeds and avoid any privacy concerns with simple, effective P2P servers at ExpressVPN.

Split tunneling: this feature is offered with the Windows, Mac OS and router apps, and it allows you to nominate which apps will go through your VPN tunnel and which are permitted to bypass the VPN to the unencrypted internet. This is helpful for streaming your local Netflix, as well as certain other applications, and ExpressVPN is one of the few providers that include this feature.

Support for multiple devices: the ExpressVPN services are supported on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone/iPad, Android, a range of routers and a selection of web browsers. It’s possible there is a device out there that isn’t yet supported, but it would take some effort to find it.

Location in a safe jurisdiction: ExpressVPN was founded in 2009 in the beautiful and (nearly) tax-free British Virgin Islands. As a so-called ‘tax haven’, this location requires no logging or even information regarding founders/employees. This secrecy may be a worry in many industries, but for VPNs it is perfect, with measures in place to protect identities and activities. You can rest assured your data is secure with ExpressVPN.

Compatible with TOR: the Orion Router, or TOR, is the network that puts security at the forefront. When you use TOR, all traffic information is encrypted across multiple servers, and your actual location is virtually impossible to track. For anyone with extreme concerns about security, ExpressVPN can be combined with TOR for maximum privacy – this can be a lifesaver for people in countries with Draconian censorship laws.

ExpressVPN Final Verdict

With a solid thumbs up, 101 Great Goals gives ExpressVPN our seal of approval and would definitely recommend the service to users who want to live stream for betting on our platform. The level of service on offer is without equal anywhere else in the industry, with an array of extra features that will delight both novice and experienced anonymous surfers. With ExpressVPN you will be completely anonymous, safe and secure when you browse. And with such a vast pool of servers to choose from, and a genuinely effective team of customer service agents on hand to help with any issues, you feel like you truly get what you pay for, even if what you pay is slightly above average for the industry.

ExpressVPN is fast, secure and safe. The user experience is solid across the board, and is hands down the leading service among the current VPNs on offer. It comes highly recommended as far as 101 Great Goals is concerned, so head over there now and try it for yourself. With the 30-day money-back guarantee, what have you got to lose?