KSI vs Logan Paul betting

Why Logan Paul will win the YouTube boxing fight vs KSI: 5 reasons

Logan Paul vs KSI betting odds

Check out the odds for Logan Paul to beat KSI.

The KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match is scheduled for August 25, 2018, in the Manchester Arena.

KSI vs Logan Paul will be live streamed on YouTube.

1) Logan Paul vs KSI: Power

In pure physical terms, there’s no getting away from the fact that Logan Paul is bigger than KSI.

KSI stands around 1.83 m, while Logan Paul is 1.88 m.

That height advantage means that Logan Paul has a longer reach than KSI in the boxing ring.

If the American is skilful enough with his fists, he should be able to keep KSI at bay while landing power blows to wear down the Brit.

Sometimes size doesn’t matter. In a boxing match, size matters a lot.

2) Logan Paul vs KSI: Resilience

Everyone knows why Logan Paul is famous.

Yes, he built a huge YouTube audience in the millions. However he became a household name for several terrible errors in judgement.

The Japan forest suicide video, followed by a video of Logan Paul tasering a dead rat, lead to the YouTuber’s soaring notoriety.

With so much hate aimed in one direction, many people would have been broken. Yet for what reason Logan Paul hasn’t flaked away.

If Logan Paul has the mental resilience to comeback from all that, he has the mental edge to take down an over-confident KSI.

a different breed

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3) Logan Paul vs KSI: Wrestling

It’s true that Logan Paul comes into the KSI fight with no previous boxing experience.

That’s a setback for the American. But he’s not coming into the ring completely clueless.

During his high-school years, Logan Paul wrestled. And he was good, competing at the State level on two occasions.

He went to college on a wrestling scholarship.

Logan Paul has plenty of experience of people trying to hurt him in contact sport.

Will he transfer his skills to boxing? That’s the big question, but with KSI’s relative inexperience, there’s no doubt that Logan Paul can hurt the Briton badly.

4) Logan Paul vs KSI: Redemption

Some may say that Logan Paul has already won the fight by KSI.

This whole YouTube event has given the American the opportunity to reinvent himself after the forest suicide video.

But is that enough for Logan Paul? Considering his background, you’ve got to assume the American wants more.

He’s spoken openly about how the KSI fight has offered him a chance at redemption.

Winning this fight could be the act that sparks a new phase in Logan Paul’s career.

That, coupled with the fear of losing, should motivate Logan Paul to success.

5) Logan Paul vs KSI: It’s Personal

The build up to the KSI vs Logan Paul fight hasn’t always been the nicest.

KSI has been accused of hitting below the belt when it’s come to the verbal jousting.

KSI stands accused of making disparaging statements about Logan Paul’s partner.

While, perhaps more incendiary, have been the comments KSI has made about Logan Paul’s dad.

Logan Paul has a bucketload of personal issues to throw back in KSI’s face.

When they get it the ring it will be Logan Paul’s time to make that happen.

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Why KSI will win the YouTube boxing fight vs Logan Paul: 5 reasons.

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