KSI vs Logan Paul betting

Why KSI will win the YouTube boxing fight vs Logan Paul: 5 reasons

KSI vs Logan Paul betting odds

Check out the odds for KSI to beat Logan Paul.

The KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match is scheduled for August 25, 2018, in the Manchester Arena.

KSI vs Logan Paul will be live streamed on YouTube.

1) KSI vs Logan Paul: Experience

Of the two YouTube stars, it’s KSI and not Logan Paul with all the boxing experience.

KSI will be confident before his boxing fight against Logan Paul. The British YouTuber is the reigning YouTube boxing champion.

KSI, whose real name is Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji, won the YouTube boxing belt in the fight against Joe Weller on February 3, 2018.

Joe Weller lost the fight by technical knockout in the third of six rounds.

Logan Paul has never competed in a boxing match of this magnitude. That gives KSI a significant edge.

2) KSI vs Logan Paul: Training

The secret behind KSI’s success in the boxing ring is his trainer, Viddal Riley.

Viddal Riley has gained plenty of exposure in the build up to the Logan Paul fight.

The spotlight was shown on Viddal Riley in the release of KSI’s new documentary, ‘Can’t Lose’.

He’s since sat down for an in-depth interview with the True Geordie podcast.

Viddal Riley believes KSI will win, and he’s confirmed they have a well thought out plan to beat Logan Paul.

3) KSI vs Logan Paul: Motivation

KSI has already stated that his boxing career will not end with Logan Paul.

KSI is planning of a professional life in the ring for years to come.

That ambition could be key in the Logan Paul fight.

As is well known, Logan Paul’s motivation for the fight is very different.

The American YouTuber told Casey Neistat that he is using the boxing match as part of his redemption story after his Japanese suicide video debacle.

4) KSI vs Logan Paul: Support

One thing is certain before the KSI vs Logan Paul fight.

The vast majority of the crowd at the Manchester Arena will be supporting KSI.

The feelings of the UK crowd towards Logan Paul have already been displayed during a hype event in July.

Logan Paul left the stage after the crowd’s hostility towards the American was made apparent.

Thousands of screaming fans will be roaring KSI on as his battles with Logan Paul.

Will Logan Paul be able to handle that pressure? History suggest ‘no’.

5) KSI vs Logan Paul: Boxing skills

There’s no getting away from the fact that Logan Paul is bigger than KSI.

But while Logan Paul may have a longer reach than KSI, the UK fighter should have the edge when it comes to boxing skills.

Why? Because KSI has been learning boxing for longer. He’s had more sparring sessions, more exposure to the sport.

KSI’s boxing brain will be central in the Logan Paul fight.

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