KSI vs Logan Paul betting

KSI vs Logan Paul tips & odds: Round betting & method of victory

KSI vs Logan Paul tips & odds

The purpose of this article is to look into betting tips and odds surrounding the KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match.

Two markets are being specifically considered.

The first is round betting, including which round is likeliest to be the final round of boxing.

Second, we look at the betting odds for the method of victory.

Round betting: KSI vs Logan Paul

How likely is it that the KSI versus Logan Paul fight is over in the first round?

Leaving the odds to one side for a moment, a one-round fight would leave many unsatisfied.

After all the hype in the build-up, less than 240 seconds of action would not be a great outcome for the KSI, Logan Paul event.

However, when considering a first round finish, the bookies have Logan Paul at 14/1 while KSI is the outsider at 16/1.

Interestingly, the shortest odds when it comes to rounds is for KSI to win on points.

KSI predicts fourth round KO vs Logan Paul

KSI has spoken to the True Geordie about how he see the fight with Logan Paul going.

The UK YouTuber believes he’ll knock out Logan Paul in the fourth round.

KSI, in describing how the fight may pan out, opened up on how he’s planning to tired Logan Paul out.

The bookies have KSI between 10/1 and 14/1 to win the fight in round 4.

Watch KSI outline his prediction for the Logan Paul fight at the end of video below.

Logan Paul predicts second & third round wins vs KSI

When it comes to the American YouTuber, Logan Paul has offered up a few predictions of how the fight with KSI may play out.

During the hype event in LA, Logan Paul suggested he’d KO KSI in two rounds:

Second round knockout… put £100,000 on it!

But in an interview to TMZ, Logan Paul predicted he’d beat KSI in the third round:

It’s not a prediction, it’s fact. Third round knockout. I’m fighting a sack of potatoes. KSI, you suck. 

Method of victory betting odds

Unsurprisingly, both Logan Paul and KSI have been talking up knocking the other out.

In general the bookies are favouring KSI over Logan Paul for the fight to be settled by a KO, TKO or Disqualification.

If the fight goes the distance, the bookies believe the KSI vs Logan Paul fight to be a coin flip on points.

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