KSI vs Logan Paul betting

KSI vs Logan Paul betting

KSI vs Logan Paul betting

KSI vs Logan Paul Betting Tips, Offers & Predictions

Check out the KSI vs Logan Paul betting tips & best odds in the market below.

The KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match is scheduled for August 25, 2018, in the Manchester Arena.

KSI vs Logan Paul will be live streamed on YouTube. One hundred million fans could watch the event, while the betting on the boxing fight is expected to be enormous.

There are only 2 days to go until the KSI vs Logan Paul fight.

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KSI vs Logan Paul: Betting Odds

KSI vs Logan Paul betting: who will win?

KSI comes into the fight against Logan Paul as the reigning YouTube boxing champion.

The British YouTuber won the belt in a fight against Joe Weller on February 3, 2018.

KSI beat Joe Weller by technical knockout in the third of six rounds.

The full KSI vs Joe Weller fight – video

Immediately after his victory, KSI called out American YouTube star Logan Paul as his next opponent.

Logan Paul accepted the challenge, and here we are!

Many will back KSI to beat Logan Paul in the ring.

Firstly, KSI is the only one of the two competitors who has actually done this before. Secondly, KSI will have the backing of most of the audience in Manchester.

But Logan Paul will also have millions believing he will triumph.

Logan Paul has the physical edge over KSI: he’s far taller and has a longer reach.

And while the US YouTube star hasn’t boxed before, he grew up wrestling in school.

While the negative atmosphere likely to be aimed Logan Paul will be nothing new either.

To see an example of how strong Logan Paul is, watch him compete in American Ninja Warrior below.

KSI vs Logan Paul betting: Odds on Method of Victory

Why is Logan Paul boxing KSI?

At the start of the year, Logan Paul went from hero to zero after he posted a video from Japan which included a suicide victim.

That video was deleted by YouTube 24 hours after it was uploaded. But by that stage the video had been watched by millions of people.

Logan Paul was attacked by everyone. He’s still attacked for that video until this day.

Indeed, in a recent interview with Casey Neistat, Logan Paul admitted that this boxing fight is part of his “redemption story”.

Casey Neistat interviews Logan Paul – video

At the same time, KSI is credited by some for having saved Logan Paul’s career by handing him this boxing match.

Will KSI regret that decision after the fight on August 25?

Andrei Terbea: How KSI Saved Logan Paul’s Career – video

$100,000 Bet: KSI vs Logan Paul – video

Such is the hype around the fight, that one YouTuber has talked up placing a $100,000 bet on the fight.

Logan Paul even said he’d pay back the $100,000 if the bet didn’t come in.

KSI vs Logan Paul betting prediction

101 Great Goals predicts: KSI to beat Logan Paul in the third round.

KSI vs Logan Paul: How to live stream

KSI vs Logan Paul will be exclusively broadcasted on YouTube.

It costs £6, or the equivalent, to watch the boxing match.

More information on live streaming the event is on the video below.

Jake Paul vs Deji betting odds

There is, of course, an undercard to the main event.

The brothers of KSI and Logan Paul, Jake Paul and Deji, will also be going at it in the ring.

Jake Paul is far larger and in a better physical condition than Deji. Most expect Jake Paul to beat Deji without too many problems.

But could Deji pull off an upset?

Jake Paul vs Deji face to face – video

KSI vs Logan Paul: The full undercard

RossiHD vs Momo

Two FIFA YouTubers will be going head to head at the very start of proceedings in the Manchester Arena.

RossiHD vs Momo

RossiHD vs Momo

Richard vs JMX

Can the professional sportsman beat the YouTuber?

Richard vs JMX

Richard vs JMX

FaZe Sensei vs. overtflow

This is a clash between a karate expert versus a Jiu Jitsu expert. Neither man has ever fought in a boxing match…

FaZe Sensei vs. overtflow

FaZe Sensei vs. overtflow

Scarce vs Rackaracka

Another battle between two YouTubers, with millions of followers between them.

Scarce vs Rackaracka

Scarce vs Rackaracka

Gib vs Jay

Two YouTubers with big followings go head to head…

Gib vs Jay

Gib vs Jay

Deji vs Jake Paul

The two brothers – with huge followings of their own on YouTube and all social channels, are the prelude to the big one…

Deji vs Jake Paul

Deji vs Jake Paul

KSI’s ‘Diss Track’ vs Logan Paul – video

KSI has savaged Logan Paul a week before the big boxing fight with a new music video.


Of course Logan Paul replied…


KSI on Instagram ahead of Logan Paul fight

@mo.syed110 with the jokes edit

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Enjoy the music video… : @charliewoodwardmedia

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FIGHT WEEK BABY. Huge shoutout to @safejawz for the mouthpiece.

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Logan Paul on Instagram pre KSI fight

had a nice sit down with a self-proclaimed “God” here are some highlights. full video on that youtube website. pre-order the fight in my bio. August 25. Eskeetit.

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a different breed

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