Kasper Schmeichel gets angry with a journalist over comparisons to his father (Video)

A Young Kasper Schmeichel with his dad Peter
A Young Kasper Schmeichel with his dad Peter

“Absolute nonsense!”

Kasper Schmeichel has long since been compared to his father ever since emerging as a young goalkeeper at Manchester City.

His father, Peter won 5 Premier League titles at Manchester United. Last season, Kasper won the title with Leicester City, leading to a media narrative that he had finally stepped out the shadow of his father.

Speaking to a BT Sports journalist Kasper said: “Listen, this whole ‘shadow’ talk is rubbish. I’ve never understood it.”

Schmeichel added that he would’ve been a footballer even if his father wasn’t.

“I don’t get it”

The journalist continued to probe Kasper on the matter, and the goalkeeper grew visibly more irritated.

“Where’s the shadow? I don’t see it, I don’t get it, never have.”

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“Winning the Premier League is a massive acheivements, that’s regardless of who your father was or wasn’t.”

Check out the video below


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